CAA-Cloud Account Assessment

Redinasys helps you to optimize the cloud environment and reduce the cost

  1. Security
  2. Reliability
  3. Cost Optimization
  4. Performance
  5. Operations
  6. Sustanability

Assessment Outcome

Infrastructure Identity in AWS
Permissions boundaries - how to delegate permissions on AWS
Serverless Identity
Finding and addressing Network Misconfigurations on AWS
Scaling threat detection and response on AWS
DevSecOps Integrating security into pipelines
Monitoring resources for encryption at rest
Policy check for IAM users
Implement life cycle, MFA and password policies for all users
Unrestricted Public Access
S3 Security Check
AWS Config Check
Cloudtrail Check
Root MFA
Root account usage details
Inactive keys
Resources in Classic AWS VPC
Amazon Guardduty check
AWS web application firewall configuration
Amazon Inspector configuration
Details of infrequently used IAM roles
Public EBS Snapshot
Root access key
AWS account password policy
Cloudtrail s3 protection
Admin Users
CMK Unencrypted Lambda Variables
Public Lambda Function
Orphaned Lambda Function
VPC Flow Logging check
Public AMI
Public RDS Snapshot

Workload is resilient to availability zone disruption
EBS volumes without Snapshots
DynamoDB Backup Check
RDS resources with default backup policy details
Resources not part of any autoscaling group
Enable Multi-AZ for RDS
Enable Multi-AZ for Elasticache
S3 versioning enabled
Resources without tags
Out of date AMI

Infrequently accessed S3 buckets
Low Traffic EC2 Instances
Review Instance EC2 Size
RDS Instance Idle
Review S3 Storage Class
ECS cluster with underutilized resources
EFS cluster with underutilized resources
S3 rightsizing recommendation
EC2 Instance rightsizing recommendation
RDS Instance rightsizing recommendation
DynamoDB low utilization
IOPS performance Checks
Dynamodb throughput check
Unused resources in cloud
Manage under-utilized resources
EC2 low network traffic details
RDS instance idle
Unattached Workspace Directories

Unused EBS Volumes
Unused Elastic IP
Unused NAT Resources
Unused ELB Resources
Underutilized Redshift cluster nodes
Unused resources in cloud

Missing Tags for EBS Resources
Out of date AMI
Overlapping VPC CIDR
Resources without tags
Schedules Events

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