Cloud Engineering Services

Seamless Cloud Solutions to drive agility and growth

Successful businesses moving on with cloud computing requires the principled interweaving of technical concerns (platform, security, and operations) with organizational concerns (business, people, and governance), we at RedinaSYS consider all the requirements of our clients around the Cloud Service implementation and execution.

Our Cloud Engineering Services are aimed at helping businesses to achieve real benefits from cloud infrastructure, applications and platforms. By utilizing next generation cloud technologies, you can run your business operations in a better way and much more effective manner. It’s customer centric features like flexibility, security, affordability, scalability, and convenience, have made it massively popular.

At RedinaSYS, we bring in the combined strength of enterprise understanding, technology expertise, consumer insights and ecosystem partnerships. Having forged close partnerships with all the major cloud service providers, we deliver reliable, secure, flexible and scalable cloud services to drive enterprise acceleration.

Our Capabilities


  • Assessment & Planning
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Architectural Consulting
  • Proof of Concept
  • Total Cost of Ownership


  • Multitenant SaaS solutions
  • Integration with cloud services
  • Applications, running on PaaS platforms


  • Assessment
  • Application & Resource Migration
  • Data Schema Migration
  • Testing
  • Operation & Management


  • Developing & maintaining CI/CD systems on the cloud
  • Automation
  • Continuous Maintenance & Support
  • Monitor Application Performance
  • Tweak Infrastructure for improved response


  • Physical & Network Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Secure Coding Practices
  • Firewalls
  • Data Encryption
  • Application/API Security
  • Regulatory Compliance

How You Benefit?

Reduced Development Time

Cut upto 50% office time

Reusable Cloud Frameworks

available for Quick Spin up

High Availability, Scalability

we at RedinaSYS ensures

Management Efficiency

Better with RedinaSYS

CLOUD Platforms


We at RedinaSYS are continuously trying to integrate cloud technology into business in numerous ways which can ultimately result in benefitting business activities. People having “cloud on their mind” have been lured by the vast promise associated with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a new loom which is being accomplished by many industries in the world. We can do number of things using cloud computing. It is a talk of the town in computing and business industry. Cloud computing is gaining popularity and provide a lot of opportunities for the business. Cloud computing is the driving force in the information technology world.

Industries that are leveraging cloud computing in association with RedinaSYS.

Entertainment Industry

Scalable resources are provided by cloud computing. This characteristic of cloud computing offers you with a power to only pay for the computing resources you use. With the help of this feature, you can easily supervise projection without making any investments. This way cloud computing is being leveraged by the entertainment industry which is the very big reason for its success.


The education industry deals with tight funding situations and this problem can be directly alleviated by cloud computing. To provide the best education it is important for the schools to have the access to the latest technology, and this is achieved with the help of RapidScale’s cloud.

Automotive Industry

The automotive companies create an operating system, cloud indigenous applications, the internet of things, devising wide-ranging software development methodology which has the power to transform it into a global powerhouse with the help of cloud computing platforms, many of our partners are leveraging transformational technologies for a digital future.


In banking sector cloud computing helps in inventing new ways of lending, new ways of saving, banking of remote populations, lowering banking costs, banking of par populations and new ways of making payments. In the banking industry, two trends have been driving cloud computing.


Cloud healthcare solutions ensure that it is an easy and reliable transition which has been a fear of the healthcare industry in the past. It helps doctors to easily stay connected to their patients which improves collaboration with each other. It provides solutions compliant with various healthcare regulations, including HIPAA.

Retail Industry

The cloud computing provides benefits like scalability, reduced cost, lesser time and flexibility, access to large amount of stored data from anywhere and anytime, segmented market, improved and maintained relationship with customers, tracking the current trends of customers behaviour and purchasing patterns towards various brands, reducing cost and targeting the right customer etc.

We understand that every scenario is different. We pride ourselves on helping you find the solution to your challenges. Learn how we can help you today