Data Science Services

RedinaSYS build custom models and systems tailored to enterprise specific needs – no single solution fits all problems and approaches. Our expertise in behavioural analysis, time series modelling and mathematical optimization can be combined to give you a unified approach to optimize your strategy. We construct data pipelines from data source to modelling cluster to visualization, data warehouses and even third parties. The result is definite system with unified insights and business strategic recommendations with automated processing.

RedinaSYS - Expertise

RedinaSYS has on building and development of talent pool with expertise in facilitating enterprises business need with Data. From architecting data foundations, we facilitate organizations in capturing structured, unstructured data, prepare data for modelling, building algorithms and deploying in real-time business environments.

Data Strategy

Establish data-driven culture with our holistic data strategy that delivers most valuable business impact. Data Scientists at RedinaSYS will work with you to improve your current data initiatives, as well as identify new use cases and recommendations.

Data Science and AI Consulting

RedinaSYS machine learning algorithms, data mining techniques for your business cases, will help in building scalable architectures, build machine learning pipelines in software and web applications.

Scientific Software Development

RedinaSYS can work with your teams to design innovative, interactive and intelligent products that solve real business needs. We follow agile methodologies to accelerate speed to market.

We understand that every scenario is different. We pride ourselves on helping you find the solution to your challenges. Learn how we can help you today