The poultry industry is growing at a rapid rate and is alone a Billion Dollar Industry. And here to facilitate people joining this industry. We are here with our ChickensApp. This ChickensApp is suitable for all kinds of sellers to expand their business. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or Poultry farmers.

Farmer Poultry Farm owners can easily set the daily price of live birds, receive orders from wholesalers, check order history, and much more, with a simplified dashboard.

Whole Sellers While if you are a wholesaler, you can easily get a Poultry Farm list, place an order, receive orders from retailers, check order history, and much more. Everything aligned in a single platform.

Retailers Whereas a retailer can place the order with wholesalers, Can set the daily price for consumers, Receive orders from consumers like Home/Hotel, watch the order list, and much more.

Consumers Home-Hotel Being a consumer, you can order all the Chicken Products to retailers i.e. Chicken Lollypop, Fillet, Breast, Boneless, Mince, Drumstick, curry cut and many more without leaving your doorstep. All these things are easily possible on a simple and unified app, ChickensApp.

Download Now Why hold on? Go to the play store, search ChickensApp, and download it now.!

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